February 26, 2013

Let's go to Puerto Rico!

I'm really awful at posting images of any of my travels. That's probably why instagram is so effective because you can just shoot, edit, and send it off to the internet. When I go anywhere, there's some sort of pre planning involved, and then the actual trip, and by the time I fly back home, I'm exhausted. The thought of looking through 567 images, editing, and captioning them isn't the first thing I want to do. But what sucks is that I then forget the little details of each image, like where I shot it, and the name of the stranger posing in the photo with me. And then it made me realize that if I didn't share the images, what was the point in taking them? It's fascinating because really, we take all these images and end up only using less than 10% of them, or I do. Really, if I only had one image from any trip, I'll be very happy with it. Now, this topic of "synthetic happiness" reminds me of the TED talk I watched today.

Puerto Rico was the most unique trip I'll ever have. Let me give you a list of things we should have not done but did anyway.

- let a stranger in your car
- let 2 strangers, especially men, in your car
- give your email or phone number to a stranger
- talk to a shirtless stranger at 4am at the beach with no one around

I think the main takeaway is that we talked to strangers during our trip, which was what made the trip so special. These strangers weren't strange to Puerto Rico (except the 2 men), they're locals and they know more than what's in the guidebook. The trip was enriching and thrilling thanks to our curiosity. Of course, we wouldn't have done so if we felt any danger! Always travel with caution, use your instincts, and remember that kind people do exist outside your hometown.

We left MIA with shots of whiskey, and landed in San Juan with shots of delicious rum

This beach near Ocean Park (between Old San Juan and the aiport) where we'd come back 4 days later

Inside El Local, the most hipster bar  in PR, more so than Williamsburg/Silver Lake

Across the street from El Local

A friend we met at El Local. He was in charge of setting up the music. I beat him at Bust-A-Move!

View from our room at Da House

I loved the colors of Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro

A smaller version of San Francisco

We came during a huge election. Why can't we be this passionate!?

El Yunque National Rain Forest

We are so close to the top!

Here are we

Don Pedro, we will meet again

Our third Condom World store that we spotted. You can easily find Church's Chicken, Burger King, and KFC too!
Luquillo Beach 

They're doing the lean dance

Kayaking at the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo 
I want more! 
Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunrise

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