December 22, 2011

The List

Dear Santa,

I know we haven't met, well maybe that one time a few Christmases ago with Chloe, Fran, and Tim, but that didn't count because you didn't have your Rudolph with you. I'm assuming you still get a lot of handwritten letters, more than half is illegible and ungrammatical, so I thought I'd try it the digital way. With this, you won't need your glasses or a magnifying glass and you will instantly receive my Christmas list even though the holiday is only a few days away. You have your helpers reading random blogs right? Well if you're reading this, I guess my plan worked.

This will be the first Christmas I spend away from home. And it isn't like we do anything grand. Sometimes there's a small artificial tree, and sometimes my dad will use his artistic skills and hang the lights on the window (a few years back he had them dangling like necklaces which he admired for hours). But regardless of the absent physicality of the holiday, I had my family there.

All I want for Christmas is for my family and loved ones to have a peaceful and love-filled celebration. It might get lonely on the holidays for some, so please let them know they are never alone. Add some joy, some spontaneity, some hope, and show them a miracle? Just make sure to let them know they are loved.

I'm sure every child asks for this every year, and I think you are making progress.... it's slow but I see it coming. Let there be peace in this world. If not, let there be peace in our minds and hearts.

Now I'll give you a list of things I know you can get me. I'm on your nice list by the way. No excuses! If your talented elves can't make these in the workshop, let them know they can shop for most  of these online. Sadly, a majority of them are sold out. Make it work!

Merry Christmas, Santa. Stay jolly.

A.P.C.   Fox Fur Trim Snow Parka

Electric Mixer

 Evazan by N.Y.L.A.
 Daphnea by Boutique 9
Your favorite album/songs
Your favorite book
Leather sofa
Kitchen stools
ASOS Premium Coat With Double Lapel
 ASOS Oversized Quilted Lining Parka
Alpha Industries Faux Fur Hooded Fishtail Parka
Glove / Mitten
Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster
Michael Kors flat boot
Monthly pass NYC metrocard


  1. living on the good side of the atlanticDecember 27, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    woot you can comment here now? then prepare to be stalked...or at least untill i get bored with it..


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