December 4, 2012

Let's Go to Da House Hotel!

I took an impulsive trip to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, and I'll never forget it. How can I when it was literally days after Hurricane Sandy hit and a few hours before Barack Obama won the 2012 Presidential Election. And toss Halloween and a long day trip in DC too. But that's another post!

We were on a tight budget, and that worked in our favor. We stayed at the artful Da House Hotel (I still don't know how it's pronounced, so I'll keep to saying da house, like da car and da boyz). It was at the heart of Old San Juan, within walking distance of everything in this charming city. And you can't beat $80 a night for a beautiful room.

Da House isn't for the older folks. It's literally next to a night club/bar/restaurant, so you'll hear music until 4am. And it is loud! But we were always too tired by the time we got back to even be bothered by the noise. You can read more reviews on yelp and tripadvisor.

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