November 7, 2012

My Hurricane Sandy Experience

The day before the storm, I decided to stop by my neighborhood market. I guess everyone decided to show up too.

I bought the essentials: food, candles, paper, water (not pictured).

This is St. Nicholas Ave and 145. It's usually crowded with folks hanging around. 

Jesus Candles are in high demand at Pathmark.

So is water. 

The afternoon of Monday, October 29, a few hours before Hurricane Sandy arrived.

It was extremely windy at the 145th Street Bridge connecting Harlem to The Bronx. 

Luckily for us, the only real damage were some trees falling. 

However, Lower Manhattan lost power.

And many buildings were flooded near the South Ferry stop including mine.

It might take 2-3 months until people can start working here again. Hopefully sooner.

The corner of Water St. and Broad St. 

Battery Park.

This is where people usually wait to get on the Statue of Liberty Ferry.

The drained water from the buildings in the Financial District. 

I'm not sure if this sign existed or not before the hurricane.

Because the subway is down and buses are too crowded, people are walking the Brooklyn Bridge instead. 
The partially running subway was free for two days after Sandy.

The crowded bus stop at 34th and 6th Ave.

We were able to go into the office to grab essentials. The light is from my cell phone.

Three cell phones are lighting this image of my supervisor looking for backup CDs.

The only place to get reception and light was near the window.

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