November 13, 2011

A short of list of things I shoulda coulda woulda packed

1) My passport Obviously, right? But then again I wasn't planning on telling my parents that I was leaving. Asking my dad to hand me over the passport is suspicious. Where are you going, he'll ask me. And so, I realized that since I'll be traveling within the U.S., a passport is unnecessary. And I am dumb to have left it there because having my brother FedEx it to me costed thirty dollars. That to me is practically my week's worth of food! Always bring your passport because you'll need it when you have a job. Hello.
2) Running shoes I know I fake it. I don't exercise but I do own a pair of Nike's running shoes. I sometimes dress up, ready for the gym, and I end up watching Glee on Hulu and constantly trying to keep a straight posture. But I should have brought them here, where the scenery is amazing! And I have no excuses. Back home I lived three blocks from the park. Here, I live less than two blocks from THE park (Central Park if you haven't figured that out already). And running always makes me feel good. I never regret it.
3) Books If you know me, I love to buy used books. I love to read especially when I get the chance. I never had a chance in LA. I do now! My subway ride to work is approximately 30 minutes, and in those thirty minutes, I watch others on the subway read. I saw one very pretty young blond girl reading Lord of the Rings! It's the best opportunity read my favorite book, in front of all the strangers.
4) Headphones Nevermind. I'd rather listen to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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