November 8, 2011

I am thrilled that LA Times had a story about the tree!

So I am extremely excited about this. I came upon this article when I was on the LA Times trying to be up to date with news back home. This is so not an LA story, but I loved it anyways because it is relevant to me! Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is coming to town (shh!) reads the headline. The shh! made me feel giddy for some reason! I'm not sure why it is so newsworthy that a special tree is coming into town, but I am all for it. The tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center is so... New York City. And I love it. I sound like a goof ball but I'm extremely thrilled to be here, especially during the holidays. I can't wait to go ice skating at Central Park, make ugly snowmen, wear snow boots, watch Elf and cuddle up in my scarves and hats and layers and layers of warmth!

More posts will be arriving, soon enough. I'm scouring for amazing one $ sign cafes in NYC, which is where I will do my postings once a week because I cannot spend 5 dollars each day on a drink!

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