July 19, 2011

Yes, I take photos of cats because they are my friends

I've always been against taking photographs of dogs/cats/snakes/pets, until the tables turned. Until I realized these little darlings are like my human friends, but more generous about having their photo taken. They do as humans do: poop, eat, sneeze, cuddle, meow. But they don't shy away from the camera. When they do, I have the luxury of picking them up and positioning them. If only I was strong enough and my human friends kind enough to let me pick them up and place them in the best light. As I was saying, my (brother's) cat poses and yet can still look natural. When you put them in front of the camera, they don't give you that stink eye- take it now so i can delete it for you - look. They look at the camera, shake it off, and continue napping, and in this case, on the suitcase in the corner of our hallway.

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