July 18, 2011

To Like or Not To Like, Why?

Thanks to Facebook's "Like" application, my vocabulary has declined tremendously and my critical thinking skills are embarrassingly nonexistent. When I see a post, a photo, a comment, two things pop in my head: Do I like this? Yes, I do, so let's click "Like!" And I can't do that anymore. I need reasons, substantial reasons for why I like something. I'm seriously working on that. Expanding my brain to delve deeper. Yes, I like it. Now why?

This photograph was taken during my study abroad trip in Korea, which was also posted on my tumblr, my rather poorly managed blog. I had this original idea of creating a blog about my travels, as a way to keep my friends back home updated on my adventures and also to help those who might be following in my footsteps. Naturally, I kept active for the first week, but who has time to sit in front of a computer when one is in a foreign land! It's good to see that the blog was only used sparingly because I know that I spent my time in Korea actually basking in the Korean sunshine. There are no regrets.

Now, to the challenge. I like it because I like the isolation. I love the deer's elongated neck as it's dining on some fine grass (this just made me think of weed, wow). It creates this wholesome shape, contrasiting from the rest of the photo. I love the pattern of the spots on Bambi. I named the deer Bambi. Like I said, my right brain needs extra fine-tuning. I love the texture added with the grass. There's an untamed innocence. There's a peacefulness. The high angle isolating the deer at the same time makes me feel like Bambi will be safe, forever.

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