December 5, 2012

Headlines: Subways, Jay Z, The Voice, Kate, Margiela, Gangnam

1. A 58 year old man was struck and killed by a train near the Times Square subway stop in New York City. You can read the horrific story here. This isn't the first time someone is struck and killed by a train, but what makes this story special, I guess, is that there's an image of the man struggling as the train approaches. The NY Post placed the image on the cover with the headline "DOOMED - Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die." You can view that image here. The photographer of the image, R. Umar Abassi, went on the Today show to tell his side of the story. You can watch the clip here.

2. In lighter news concerning the subway and NYC, Jay-Z's 24 minute Barclays Center documentary "Where I'm From" was released. There's a sweet clip of Jay Z and his entourage getting on the subway to Brooklyn for his last show. He sits next to "an old lady" who is actually an artist herself, Ellen Grossman, and has a humble conversation with her. Watch the sweet clip here.

3. If you haven't heard, Kate Middleton is pregnant. In his own words, my boyfriend (who is the last person to know what's going on with celebrities and really doesn't give a flip) said "She has morning sickness. Why the hell do I care?" and I agree with him. But it's news, and everyone and their mother knows, though I doubt my mom knows... I might be wrong.

4. I'm obsessed with reality singing shows, just not American Idol. The first season was all they needed. Go Kelly! I stopped following after that. But then I got obsessed with The Voice and now X Factor. Obsessed is the wrong word because I actually just watch clips on Hulu/Youtube, but I am rooting and booing for some people. Well, Melanie Martinez (I love impersonating her singing) and Amanda Brown got eliminated. Both Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine's teams are out. As for X Factor, I'm rooting for the 13 year old Carly Rose... something. I haven't checked yet, so I hope she's still in the running!

5. Margiela and H&M collaborated and... it failed. Less than two weeks after the launch, you can find the new items in the clearance section, with markings up to 85%. And customers who bought the items cannot get a price adjustment, and if they returned it, would be refunded at the current selling price. There's always eBay (which is what I'll be doing, dang it). I shouldn't be surprised because this is exactly what happend at Uniqlo with Undercover. I should know better.

6. Lastly, Psy's Gangnam Style is the number one most viewed youtube video, reaching almost 1 billion viewers and he's making a lot of money from it. And more than half of the viewers don't understand a thing Psy is singing. We live in a strange world. I still find it strange to walk into a Harlem supermarket, and all of a sudden Gangnam style begins to play. Oh what a strange world we live in.

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