March 25, 2012

Spring Tease

The above photos were taken from my android phone. I'm really proud of her/him/it! Winter is over (I don't think it ever really started) and now I get to see another side of New York. No more dark toned michelin man coats, no more Hunter rain boots, and absolutely no more grim faces. Or at least less. Gosh, I'm really not in the mood to write anything decent, but I should update myself on what I have been going through. Me, me, me, me. Gross.

It's been almost five months since I left. Am I a New Yorker now? What kind of question is that? Yes, I live in New York, and I plan on making a living here. But I wouldn't claim to be anything. New York is just another city, with bigger skyscrapers and more people. That is it. I think I've gotten over talking about what this city means and just stopped talking about the city as a whole. Anywhere I am will be what ever I want it to be.

I wrote that three days ago, and now it is back in the low 50's. At least I know that Spring and Summer will be the best times here! I will welcome it with open arms.

I'll write a few quick notes about what has been happening (this is relevant for me when I read this in my 40's and wish I was still 23 and scolding my 23 year old self for being so serious.)

 - Got a pixie cut (really should write an entry on this, very comical)
-  Brother visited!
-  Fran visited (distance is making my heart grow fonder)
- Informational interview with managing editor of Seventeen Magazine headquarters at The Hearst Tower (I wouldn't mind walking in there every day!)
- Progress with the whole assistant photo editor thing (fingers and toes crossed)
- Wore shorts for the first time!
- Assisted 3 photoshoots in a week
- Finished The Hunger Games
- Watched The Hunger Games
- Starting Catching Fire aka The Hunger Games Book II
- Finally renewed my contacts prescription

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