September 25, 2011

Rules to a Successful Yard Sale

1. Place your ad on craigslist. Only place one ad because people you don't want to sound like a broken record. When you place this ad, put some thought into it. People like to be entertained when they read, and can you imagine how many generic yard sale ads there are out there?
2. Create huge yard sale signs. Use cardboard and place them on the back of your car. Because most cities don't allow for posting on public property, a car will suffice. Now, be strategic in where you put these signs. Place them on both corners of your street, and place them on main roads that will lead to your street.
3. Your sign should be simple. Don't write information, or even your address. Rather, direct the driver. Write Yard Sale in large letters and draw an arrow towards your location (make sure to fill it in and make it as thick as possible). People like being led. If they see your sign on a main street, they will follow the arrow. They'll then see another sign that will lead them to where you are.
4. Be nice to your customers. This means greet them with a nice hello when they walk across your yard. Don't go and stand next to them because that will only make them leave. Give them their space. If they have questions, they'll ask. Or, you can ask "is there anything specific you're looking for?" Having a conversation makes them feel at ease, and if they like what you're selling and they like you, they will tell their friends and will come back later. I promise you! And when they leave, tell them "Thank you!"
5. Place prices on your items. Use masking tape and write down the price for big items. You have to realize it's a yard sale and people are here looking for deals. Even though that stereo system costed you 100 dollars ten years ago, it doesn't mean it is worth 100 now.
6. When a customer really wants your item at a certain price, let them have it in the end. For example, my dad had this ugly heavy water filter that I had no hope of selling. Really, who would want that!? But, I was proven wrong. My dad was selling it for 20. The Chinese man said 13. My dad said 15. The Chinese man said 13. And finally, my dad accepted it for 13. The whole point of a yard sale is to get rid of these items. If you end up making a couple bucks, that's just an added bonus.
7. Bring a lawn chair and sit far away from the site. I find it intimidating when I walk into a store, and there is someone staring straight at me. Just sit in the background and let the customer shop. Don't be in their way.
8. If at all possible, make your yard sale last the whole day. This means from sunrise to sunset. You'll be surprised how many people will come by, especially those who take their daily walk around the neighborhood.

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