September 25, 2011

Bon Iver at Shrine Auditorium

My nap two hour nap was over. It was 7pm and the Bon Iver concert was at 8. I did a quick change up and walked out the door in my beloved black Beatles shirt circa 2007 and khaki shorts. I was so ready for a concert. We were lucky enough to find parking spot right across the street from the Shrine Auditorium. Once we got there, I felt like the purple elephant in a tutu balancing itself on a unicycle. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone including Michael looked like they just walked out of the Opening Ceremony's Fall lookbook. They were a sophisticated bunch dressed in shabby chic outfits with vintage leather purses and tousled i-just-woke-up-but-my-hair-looks-perfect- look. Me? I looked like I exited the wrong freeway and missed my Warped Tour stop 5 miles back. Indeed, I did a long look around the lobby to see if there there were others who were unprepared like me. Even the security guard looked the part.

This entry is about Bon Iver, not about me. 

This concert was a week ago, and everything I felt was a week ago. I knew I should have blogged right when I got home! I'll create a quick phone conversation I had with Francois from my memory about this spectacular event along with other additives.

Me: You missed out. It was frucking amazing. Best concert I've ever been to. Lady Gaga is now numero uno.
Franois: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Me: No, I more than enjoyed it! It was such an out of body experience. I feel exhausted even though I sat there the entire time minus the last ten minutes when the whole audience was on their feet! Think Coldplay mixed with Brand New and Arcade Fire, even though I've never seen them live. Did you know there's 9 people in Bon Iver!?
Francois: I did not know that.
Me: I had no idea there were that many instruments! I saw a saxophone, trumpet, french horn, two drums, piano, and other instruments that I can't even name. Usually, I look at the lead singer and anyone else who is cute in the band. But this time, I paid attention to every single person on that stage. It was just... raw music.
Francois: Wow, that sounds really good.
Me: IT WAS! I don't know how to describe it!

Jeez, how annoying am I. I apologize that I can't creatively write about this experience. I've played it in my head many times about how I'd describe the concert, but it seems it's indescribable. You just had to be there.

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