August 8, 2011

Rice and water and words

September 4, 2011 Seoul, Korea

Being minus one here means I'm in this room alone. The people on my screen are fascinating; it's a side I never get to see. Millions are sharing without knowing. I know so much about you, yet I've never even met you. I don't think people could have said this a few years ago. I know so much about you - your thoughts, your interests, your philosophies on life, your ways - without ever having a face to face conversation with you. You take what you can, and others will take the rest.

I wouldn't feed this rice to you if you begged me.

Create something, and add value to your days. It's been too long, sitting here, watching others sparkle, sparkle while I dust away.


Chaptalize: to increase the alcohol in a wine by adding sugar.


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