August 3, 2011

Marilyn and George Part I

Here's my first "couples" photoshoot. Usually, the more formal name would be an "e-session" e standing for engagement. Obviously, my friends are only 22 years old, so they aren't getting married soon. But if you are, let me know!

Marilyn blames George for coming late, but it's my fault. As the photographer, I should have been more decisive in where to go. It was a race between us and the sun. Here are some lessons I learned at my first shoot:

- photos on your lcd screen is not a good representation of the real thing
- take as many photos as you can
- if it's already 7pm, you gotta get to your main destination before the sun's down (ours was newport beach)
- pre-visualize
- give more concrete instructions with examples
- don't be afraid of taking a photograph that you normally would not take
- find the light, play around with it, don't stick to one angle
- take advantage of the time you do have with the sun!

Again, thank you so much Marilyn and George! You guys were more than fab fab. Look at the title! It means there will be a part two!

First time gitters

Look at me!

Thank you for doing this


I see you through the window

Chinese drama?

There's light, finally!

Now in stores at Macy's

How about you carry her?


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