January 19, 2015

Two Winter Weeks in Europe: What I packed

I give kudos to the fashionistas who create beautiful, eye catching collages on Polyvore. This here, is a mess, but it was the best way to show what I packed to Europe (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris).  I travelled Christmas through New Years and I wanted to travel light mainly because I hate checking in bags. The best way I found for packing is rolling everything. Just keep rollin' rollin'. Ziploc bags you will need. I had 1 for underwear, 1 for toiletries, 1 for pens/chargers/little things, 1 for dirty laundry, 1 for paperwork, etc. Oh, and I recommend throwing in a few dryer sheets because they just smell so darn good! The weather was what I expected, ranging from 16-40 degrees Fahrenheit, snow in Sweden, some rain in Paris, so I was prepared for that. And you really don't need much. After a week, I realized I could have done with just two sweaters. So here's what I brought with me:

Everlane Weekender Bag (it's really roomy, durable, and a dream come true!)
1 coat  (you only need one)
1 windbreaker/jacket (layering purposes, in case of rain, and it's light, easy to roll up!)
1 denim jacket (layering)
3 sweaters
1 sweater dress (New Years celebration, but I could have done without it)
1 chambray/button up
1 T shirt (PJS)
1 undershirt/warmer things (I prefer Uniqlo Heattech because they're warm and very lightweight, I should have packed 3 but I was lucky enough to do laundry when I was abroad)
1 pair of really amazing black jeans (Yes just one pair, so make sure you love them! ACNE Studio for me, worth the splurge)
1 pair of leggings (to keep warm under jeans, and PJs)
1 scarf
1 pair of gloves
1 beanie
2 pairs of shoes (One for walking, I prefer Superga white sneakers, and 1 for snow/rain, Dr. Martens for me)
1 umbrella  (Nope, don't even bother. It sprinkled a bit in Paris, but I didn't need it. Plus, I left it at a restaurant, which I'm glad because it was taking up precious space.)
And not pictured were socks, undergarments, ziploc bag of toiletries, face towel (I stayed at a hostel and I didn't want to pay $9 to rent a towel so I brought a small one), and camera bag 

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