January 26, 2014

Six Months in Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall 

Philadelphia in my mind never actually crossed my mind. From the history books, I remember it as "the City of Brotherly Love" and the city that houses the huge bell with a crack in it. There's the Philly Cheesesteak (Dalessandro's wins), and then those steps that one fictitious boxer runs up (though I really thought that was in New York City, because any big city I saw on the silver screen had to be New York City). 

And when I finally got off the Greyhound bus at 10th and Filbert, I knew that I shouldn't judge Philadelphia just yet. So what if there were three pigeons hanging out inside the station? The first time I visited Philadelphia, I would have never thought that a year later, I'd spend three hours installing an IKEA bed frame, my IKEA bed frame, in a room that I'd be renting out for the next 12 months. 6 months later, and the bed is still in tact!

When I was living in New York City, I never blogged about it. I actually haven't blogged in many months (I must stop talking about blogging because apparently, according to some blog tips I read, readers hate to read about blogging and would rather read about things that will be useful to the reader). But because my readership has declined from 5 to 0, I shouldn't really worry too much about that.

I've been in Philadelphia and the only post I can remember posting is about my trip to Cambodia. I've travelled a tremendous amount recently and have yet to update them. It's really never ever going to happen. As TSwift would say, like, ever.

Being in a new city is like falling in love. No it's not. Let's just say I've been on a few dates, thought I was falling in love, got stood up, and now I'm avoiding the phone calls but not necessarily ready to break up and move on. It's also convenient that I arrived during the summer, when everything was whimsical and heated! 6 months later, the polar vortex arrived and ruined a little girl's dream.

I haven't taken any pictures with my camera (I'm 90% ready to sell it, except the buyer loves stalling) so I browsed through my phone looking for some horizontal images (#nofilter) of this city called Philadelphia.

Race Street Pier
Fairmount Park

Broad and JFK

Thanks for the description sign, PPA.  
10th between Arch and Cherry
The 76ers first and only win? Probably.
First Hockey game! It was fun until it stopped being not fun 30 minutes later.
I do love the murals around the city.
KAWS at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Despite the construction, these residents still decorated their tree!

And then the snow came...

And it kept coming. Also, I've never see any street allow such parking!

This was the first snow, and I was Dora the Explorer.

The commute to work


I'd live in South Philly just so I can decorate my window like this.

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