March 23, 2013

I came here for the pigs

My first post in Vietnam and this is what I came up with!? I couldn't contain my excitement when my aunt took me to her backyard. I have to say, pigs don't really "oink" and I wonder where the origin of that sound came from. They snort. Below are images from my visit to the countryside. Captions included.

The entire time, I thought of babe and the three little pigs. But look at these 3. Poor pink one.

She is so big, almost the size of a donkey! She's the mother to these cute little ones below.

Hi! They make me smile. 

And I had to post more!

Adorable! I try not to think of what will happen to them weeks/months from now.

My, what big ears you have!

17 or 27 chickens total. I forgot what she said. 

The neighborhood. 

I know the answer  now to "how did the chicken cross the road". You have to go to Vietnam and figure it out yourself!

The front yard. 

Part of the kitchen

Banana trees in the backyard

And this. Hay. Dried up rice straw things. After they get the rice, they dry it to feed the pigs and what not.

Lunch! All very fresh... just realized I ate pork...

View from the front door

They sell this at the market

Mints and other herbs, which are used in almost every meal

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  1. I love the 4th one down with all the snouts poking in those different directions.


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