January 16, 2012

Six tracks for the train trip

Alliteration, my friends. It would have been more impressive if I had done ten tracks, or two, or twenty two, but I wanted six. Six because it isn't five. Instead of the usual top five, this can be sexy six, selective six, salient six, oh, or even six songs!

I have a playlist on my spotify titled "subway" which features these six songs amongst others. Always on repeat, medium volume, so I can somewhat hear the conductor and not annoy everyone else on the train who's getting some shut eye before heading to work or home. Let's take the D and play these tunes!

Ou Est le Swimming Pool | Dance The Way I Feel
Panda Bear | Alsatian Darn
Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa | Young, Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars
El Ten Eleven | My Only Swerving
Cults | You Know What I Mean
SBTRKT | Hold On

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