December 14, 2011

45 Days

I've been meaning to post about how everything is going in New York, but I wanted to wait until the forty fifth day. If you were to ask me this question, the answer will depend on when you ask me. If you had asked me that today, I'd say "The weather has been warmer than usual. I wore sandals this evening to the laundromat which is 3 blocks from my apartment (yes I need to actually go outside my building to do laundry). It felt like an episode of Friends except that I wasn't Rachel and there was no Ross, but there was a laundry cart! And did you know that you can pick how many minutes you want on the dryer? A quarter for 7 minutes. 3 quarters is enough to dry all my clothes!" On bad days... well, I've been thinking about it and I can't really recall a seriously bad day. The only time was when I went to Uniqlo orientation and the lady dismissed me because I didn't have my passport. I sat on the subway with a pouty mouth and my head down, feeling almost like a sad Korean drama.

I can say that every day here has been different. There's actually reason to have a daily journal because I won't be writing in the same things. Oh shucks, too late for that now. In the 45 days, I signed a one year lease to an empty apartment that I'm sharing with one of my great friends from home. I found a part time job as a sales associate for Uniqlo (I just tried the heattech scoop neck shirt today and oh-em-gee it's always toasty and I love it). I'm getting real world experience of what it's like working in a magazine office. I've stepped inside Spin Magazine's office (sadly they decided to not hire any new spring interns). In the 45 days I've had many opportunities and misfortune. My 2012 schedule is still in the air as I'm waiting to hear back from shootdigital and Men's Fitness. In the 45 days, I've baked ciabatta bread, crack pie, brownies (twice in four days). Thanks to Phimy, I've had numerous nights of fun times and numerous mornings of hang overs. I would go on, but most importantly, in the 45 days I've been here, I've been constantly moving.

You know how when you apply for college, they always want to see how well you adapt to new environments? Well I don't even know why I typed that last sentence, but I can say I've adapted very well. New York City isn't very different from any other places I went to. Even when I went to Korea, I didn't feel estranged. Physically, there are differences. People are always around me whether I like it or not. I don't have my car to shield me from the rest of the world. When I want to go somewhere, I hop on the train, and become involved in other people's lives for a few seconds before my stop. In New York City, they take out the trash three times a week, meaning that three times a week, you'll see piles and piles of garbage bags on the curb. The buildings aren't as high as I imagined them to be, the people aren't as "aggressive" and it isn't as chaotic. And I have to say, I honestly suck at blogging because I never have a focus. Sorry.

Now to answer the question: how's life in New York City? Life is being lived.

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  1. lol, you're funny hong. I hope this was supposed to be funny and I didn't just insult you. What are you doing in New York?


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