September 1, 2011

How Are You?

When I ask someone "How are you?" I genuinely care  about how they are. I want to hear details about their mental, emotional, physical, any other -al states. The proper response would be "I'm good" or "Fine." I'll then ask you to elaborate. "Fine" is relative.

Now, when others ask me how I am doing, they aren't really asking about my well-being. It just happens to roll off their tongue once they run into you. Here's an example of that scene.



MAN comes out of the kitchen. WOMAN walks into the kitchen.

Hey there. How are you?

Hello! I'm fine. I just--

MAN leaves the kitchen.

                                                                                                                                                FADE OUT

This happened a lot to me when I worked at the library. I'd come into work at 7am, punch in, and my boss greets me with a nice "Good morning. How are you?" At first, I was so happy that she cared about me! I would answer with gusto! Eventually, I realized it was part of the greeting method. She's used to saying it all the time that it loses meaning. I tested this one time. Instead of answering her question, I changed the subject, commenting on the weather instead. If she was interested, she would have reiterated the question! And I stand corrected. She didn't say "It is hot today. How are you doing" but rather ended after her weather commentary.

Is this an American thing?

Please only ask questions you really want answers to.

And since today is the first day of September, why not celebrate with a song? The only ones I could think of were emo rock songs (i.e. Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends, Plain White T's- A Lonely September). Here's a good one to get you groovin' into September:

Earth, Wind, Fire- September

"How am I? I'm in love and I'm pregnant."


  1. It IS an american thing. I've had so many foreigners ask me why americans ask, then walk away. it confounds them. and me too - i wonder how American I am everytime I pause to no one.

  2. Or anything by the Septembrists!!!

    And yes, I would say those quick greetings are very U.S. In almost any other country, the most important part of the conversation is asking how you are/how your family is/how your home and health are/how the business is/etc. I love it (the long questioning, that is)!

  3. I get so giddy when I get comments! Thank you my loyal followers :P

  4. I like how you did research on how to format a script. HAHA

  5. nuh uh! i took screenwriting in college!


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