August 20, 2011

Take Me With You

Francis' attempt at taking a photo in dim lighting. I really like how it turned out though.

I did a paper/drawing in Mrs. O' Connor's class in 3rd grade. I love seahorses!
Reminds me a lot of our universe.
This reminds me of the line "I've seen more spine in jelly fish" by Brand New.
It makes me hold my breath.

I want this somewhere in my new house. It's a huge white ball projector. Ohh, ahh.

Same ball, informing us to save the sea.
Alien like.

I love jelly fish.
Makes me feel like I should keep pushing on.
A sea of sardines? It was extremely hard focusing through a thick glass, but I like this better.
Let me tell you a joke.

A good photo of a not so photogenic person!

Talk to the tail.
What a colorful world.

That shell thing reminds me of a sun hat!

Dragon seahorses.

Banh Xeo XXL
The last time we came to the Long Beach Aquarium, the place was already closed. The last time was exactly last summer and we have changed so much since then. Because I'm becoming really irrirated with writing full paragraphs, I'll list some highlights of the day. Of course, you will probably not understand anything I say, because most of it only makes sense to me! He's leaving tomorrow, yikes! 
A day I'll never forget :)
  • Wrong route to Queen Mary
  • Pre-paid online did not save him money
  • Polaroid showed us in a cave
  • The sharks looked dead
  • Exit liar
  • Banana + chocolate + marshmellows + roasted almonds, or so I think
  • Right, right, and right
  • Snoop Dogg's hood
  • The Industrial City
  • Biggest Banh Xeo
  • Half/Half
  • Restroom break in identical house
  • Psuedo first world problems
  • The Notebook Night

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