July 27, 2011

Shut up and get going!

    Namsan Tower, Seoul, Korea 2010

Wednesday, you are cruel. It's ONLY 11:03. This will be a quick blurb. I'm not going to think about what I am writing, rather, I will be writing anything to pass the time.

My co-wo made a folder on her laptop titled "Future Wedding Ideas" or something familiar to that. Like always, I'm browsing Wedding photographer's site to seek inspiration. Most of the time, it makes me feel "sucky" and annoyed, envious, and also joyful of their success. I told my co-wo and she was surprised also, at my conclusions of the characteristics of photographers I've stalked so far: 20s to 30s, believer in God, married/engaged. Yay, two more to go for me!

Last week was such a high for me. It was full of potential! And that fire is slowly dwindling away.

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