July 29, 2011

Food Lovers unite! Get ready for Munch On Me!

I should have posted about Munch On Me on Monday, but I did a lot of advertising via email, tumblr, facebook, and direct marketing and wanted to spread it throughout the week. And we all love to put things off until the very last minute. It seems hundreds of people have claimed their deals (Yay!) but now they need to actually go to the restaurants! It ends in two days! It's Friday, so go out and socialize, be merry, be jolly, be full. Eat!

You can see the deals to your left!

So how does this relate to "Images + Captions" theme (I'm trying)? I'm part of the West LA team as a photographer/writer. Once everything is finalized, I go in, interview about the restaurant/dish, photograph it, munch on it, and do a write up. There is currently another photographer, and she is fabulous!

LATimes wrote a great article on their blog under the Technology section. You can read more about it here. Here's a snippet of it.

Munch On Me offers specific food items -- just individual items, not entire meals -- for a week, at  discounts that vary by restaurant. Usually, each week, three or four items are up for grabs and as soon as users buy an item, they can redeem their discount.

Jason Wang, the CEO, has a long term goal for Munch On Me.

"Our market is really the whole world, because everybody eats," he said. "We're just getting started, but we want to be the go-to service when you ask yourself everyday 'what am I going to eat today.' People turn to Facebook for social networking, LinkedIn for professional networking, Amazon to buy things, Craigslist to sell things -- we want to be that for food."

And a question everyone asks is, "So it's like Groupon, but mainly for food?" We are very different from Groupon. Instead of offering a blanket discount on all products (such as 10 dollars for 20 dollars worth of food on the menu) we focus only on food/a single dish, and it is usually a dish the restaurant owners want to feature. Think of Groupon as a one time thing. People who are on here are bargain hunters, searching for the best deals. They are not going to go back to the restaurant and pay full price for it when the deal ends. Munch On Me, however, differs in that the users are avid foodies and yelpers, looking for the best food at the best value.  Munch On Me does the work for you, and gives you great deals on dishes you will love.

I hope that was somewhat informative! Munch On Me is not only in LA! If you read the article I mentioned above (Do it!) Munch On Me is available in following locations:

Berkeley / East Bay
Orange County
San Francisco
San Jose / South BayWest Los Angeles

And will be ready to launch in these locations in the near future!
San Diego

New York
New York City

So let's go and make Munch On Me a verb! You know, like...

Friend: I'm hungry. What should we eat?
Genius Friend: Let's Munch it.

I tried! But honestly, go to Munch On It, now, tomorrow, every day, and you'll never have to go hungry again (or resort to Micky D's).

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